chapter 36
Biochemistry of Hemostasis
as described in F. C. Bernstein, T. F. K oetzle, G. J. B.
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Kennard, T.
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Protein D ata Bank: A Com puter-based A rchival File
for M acrom olecular Structures”, ./.
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5 3 5 -5 4 2 (1977). G ene inform ation has been obtained
from GenBank: Burks, C ., C assidy, M ., Cinkosky, M . J.,
C um ella, K. E., G ilna, P., H ayden, J. E -D ., Keen, G. M .,
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J. G enBank. N ucl. A cid s R es. 19(Suppl), 2 2 2 1 -2 2 2 5
(1991). For the coordinates o f the m olecules for w hich
structures are show n see http://w w w .rcsb.org/. The author
thanks Jam es G. W hite, M.
D ., R egents’
U niversity o f M innesota, M inneapolis, M innesota for
the photographs o f platelets and M eir R igbi, Professor
Em eritus, Hebrew U niversity o f Jerusalem for his many
helpful com m ents on the manuscript.
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