I am grateful to the authors for their contributions and
for sharing their knowledge and insights. I also appreciate
their cooperation during the lengthy writing and produc-
tion process. I am indebted to Gordon Edlin, who par-
ticipated in and supported all aspects of the publication
of this book, to Alan P. Goldstein, who reviewed many
chapters and helped integrate basic science and clinical
medicine, and Chung-eun Ha for spending tireless hours
in the preparation of the manuscript during its many de-
velopmental stages.
I am especially appreciative to the following individ-
uals, who contributed to this book as reviewers of se-
lected chapters, as writers of subsections, by offering
constructive suggestions, or by providing encouragement
and support during difficult times: R. A. Dubanoski,
J. M. Hardman, K. H. Higa, S. A. A. Honda, K. Harohalli,
D. K. Kikuta, W. Lee, A. A. Manoukian, H. F. Mower,
D. S. Park, C. E. Petersen, C. N. Rios, R. T. Sakaguchi,
C. E. Sugiyama, and L. E. Takenaka.
My thanks also to the following reviewers for their
valuable chapter critiques: Dr. James W. Campbell, De-
partment of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Rice Uni-
versity; Dr. David Daleke, Department of Biochem-
istry, Indiana University; Dr. Beverly Delidow, School of
Medicine, Marshall University; Dr. JoAnne Flynn, School
of Medicine, University of Pittsburgh; Dr. Jennifer A.
Pietenpol, School of Medicine, Vanderbilt University;
Dr. Connie Prosser, Department of Laboratory Medi-
Department of Biochemistry,
University of Kentucky;
Dr. Peter B. Smith, School of Medicine, Wake Forest
Dr. Terry
Stoming, Department of Bio-
chemistry and Molecular Biology, Medical College of
Georgia; Dr. Francis Vella, International Union of Bio-
chemistry and Molecular Biology; and, Dr. D. Eric
Walters, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular
Biology, The Chicago Medical School.
Dr. Craig M. Jackson acknowledges the images shown
in Chapters 35 and 36 were created using RasMol 2.6,
Molecular Graphics Visualization Tool by Roger Sayle,
Bio-Molecular Structures Group, Glaxo Research &
Development, Greenford, Middlesex, UK. RasMol can
The coordinates were obtained from the Protein Data
Bank at Brookhaven National Laboratory, as described
in F. C. Bernstein, T. F. Koetzle, G. J. B. Williams,
E. F. Meyer, Jr., M. D. Brice, J. R. Rodgers, O. Kennard,
T. Shimanouchi, and M. Tasuxni, “The Protein Data Bank:
A Computer-Based Archival File for Macromolecular
Structures,” /.
Mol. Biol.
112, 535-542 (1977). Gene in-
formation has been obtained from GenBank, as described
in C. Burks, M. Cassidy, M. J. Cinkosky, K. E. Cumella,
P. Gilna, J. E-D. Hayden, G. M. Keen, T. A. Kelley,
M. Kelly, D. Kristofferson, and J. Ryals GenBank.
Acids Res.
19(Suppl), 2221-2225 (1991).
For the coordinates of the molecules for which struc-
tures are shown, see
The author thanks James G. White, M. D., Regents
Professor, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Min-
nesota, for the photographs of platelets, and Meir Rigbi,
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